Delivering a self-management culture


Coaching entire organisations could bring the popular concept of self-directedness to life.

There’s a bit of a shift going on in how some organisations want to work. We’re hearing the term ‘self-directed teams’ being bandied about frequently now. We’ve even heard about the existence of self-directed organisations. ‘Self-directedness’ has become a bit of a buzzword in leadership seminars and at organisational development CPD events. Guru-type books such as Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organisations tend not to use the phrase, but they’re talking about it all the time.

According to IGI Global, “key characteristics of self-directedness include motivation, self-responsibility, ability to self-assess, ability to transfer knowledge/skills, and comfort with autonomy”. Meanwhile, over at Wikipedia, they’re calling it “a personality trait of self-determination, that is, the ability to regulate and adapt behaviour to the demands of a situation in order to achieve personally chosen goals and values”. You can see the potential for a dark side but fundamentally, it feels like a positive thing. Organisations evolving in a people-affirming direction; people owning situations and taking responsibility for outcomes.

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