Financial coaching’s potential for enhancing performance levels at work and beyond.

How many people do you know who have often tried to change their financial behaviour, only to fail to follow through on their intentions.

And, particularly in the light of the current economic austerity, this lack of follow through frequently leads to significantly raised stress levels – which often manifest themselves in impaired performance at work, at home – sometimes even in more personal areas of life.Screenshot 2014-11-03 14.11.50

Recognising the challenges inherent in behaviour change Eighty20 Focus Real Time Thinking conversations help participants form concrete action plans, hold participants accountable to their stated intentions, and offer support along the way.

Financial coaching is intended to strengthen participants’ willpower and ultimately help them develop new skills so they can take greater control of their personal finances. And then of their life.


“Finally taking charge of my financial affairs has been one of the most transformative things I’ve ever done. I’m sleeping better, thinking more clearly and working more productively’
MM: CEO, Reinsurance company, UK


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