Preparing yourself for retirement

Recently my friend George Kinder posted a very interesting article on preparation for retirement.  You can find it here

Maslow, money, retirement
Maslow, money & retirement

One thing I found interesting is that a senior banker was ‘considering’ retirement at age 70.  That is something we in Ireland and UK will, I think, begin to see as normal in the coming days.

What really caught my attention was this paragraph


‘Figuring out when and where to retire can be a conundrum for anyone, but especially so for couples. Whether they have been married for almost 50 years — in the case of the Thallers — or living together for 20, like Lucy Hedrick and George Handley of Old Greenwich, Conn., and Sarasota, Fla., life partners or husbands and wives don’t always have the same ideas about retirement. When they have different timetables or preferences, one may have to wait for the other, or one may even retire and relocate for part of the year before the other is ready’

We’ve been finding in our work with clients that what really helps senior executives who are considering retirement is to take some time to reflect on the upcoming changes with their spouse or partner in the company of a trained executive coach.

Our 2 day couple retreat in the beautiful Culloden Hotel just outside Belfast has proved very popular in this context. Our last pre retiree, a lobbyist who came across from Brussels, had this to say


‘I don’t know what my employer paid you for this, but it wasn’t enough’
MT: Dublin


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