personal wheel of life

Personal Satisfaction Wheel

The wheel of Satisfaction is one of the most effective tools available for measurement of individual life balance and satisfaction. It has been developed and used to great effect by coaches and clients alike as a touchstone that can illuminate aspects of life that are thriving and identify areas that may need a fresh way of thinking to improve them.

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team effectiveness wheel

Team Effectiveness Wheel

Based on our Team Effectiveness team coaching model, the wheel is one of two diagnostic tools that allows teams and their leaders to create a Real Time snapshot of the level at which they believe they are performing.

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financial wheel of life

Financial Wellbeing Wheel

Building on our Personal Wheel of Satisfaction we have developed a unique financial self assessment wheel aimed at helping you identify areas at which you are at financial risk in your life, and how to work towards achieving an environment of personal and family financial freedom.

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Introducing Connectivity

Being an effective team requires each individual member to understand how they connect – both to one another as members, and to those within the wider system that makes up their Organisational stakeholder network.  Connectivity is about helping them to make sense of all that, by offering an immersive, psychologically informed opportunity to both understand what makes your colleagues tick, and to give them some insights into how best they can work alongside you in a way that releases you to discover and retain your maximum effectiveness.

You and your team can engage with our Connectivity workshop either as part of a wider Team Effectiveness project or as a stand alone workshop which can take place either at your workplace or in one of our office locations.

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Team Effectiveness 360°

Team Effectiveness 360° provides a team with an effective self diagnostic tool to  measure its effectiveness against a matrix of eight key performance capabilities.

This uniquely designed diagnostic offers an opportunity to explore a team’s understanding of itself as a dynamic “system” – generally working in mutually dependent relationship with a broader organisational system  This approach shifts the attention of the team onto the team itself, exploring together its systemic needs, independently of the needs of any single member.

Our online process delivers a composite measurement of the collective viewpoints of all team members, presented in the context of a short coaching report highlighting reflective questions for team discussion.  The tool can be utilised as a stand alone diagnostic tool or as part of a more comprehensive systemic team coaching project carried out either by members of the Eighty20 Focus Team or by trained internal coaches.

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