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PROPHET Business focused profiling

PROPHET is a BPS registered unique, business focused profiling tool that fills a gap in the market for executive team development.

Designed to be used for development purposes with those in leadership roles, it looks at personal motivation and decision-making styles, linking these to strengtha across a typical business cycle. Perfect for use at team sessions, off-sites and conferences, the insight helps leaders and HR professionals to deliver high performance in the organisation and to implement strategy successfully.

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team effectiveness wheel

Team Effectiveness 360°

Team Effectiveness 360° provides a team with an effective self diagnostic tool to measure its effectiveness against eight key performance capabilities.

It offers an opportunity to explore a team’s understanding of itself as it functions within a broader organisational context. This approach helps the team to explore together its systemic needs independently of the needs of any single member.

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Leadership Development Framework (LDF) profiling

Most developmental psychologists now agree that what differentiates leaders is not so much their philosophy of leadership, personality, or style of management, but rather their internal worldview – how they construct reality, respond to emerging situations and plan for the future.

Many leaders, however, are not conscious of this and thus unaware they can transform beyond the limits of their current ways of thinking and acting. Accessing this profile provides a starting point from which this transformation can begin. 

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Personal Satisfaction Wheel

How satisfied are you with your life right now? The Personal Satisfaction Wheel has a long established track record in helping people answer that question. 

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Financial Wellbeing Wheel

Are you in charge of your finances or are your finances in charge of you?

Try our financial wellbeing whee here and find out. 


Team Effectiveness Wheel

What’s your gut instinct about how well your team’s effectiveness?

Be it a leadership team, project team or service delivery team, taking 5 minutes to complete our Team Effectiveness wheel here will help you find out.