personal wheel of life

Personal wheel of life

The wheel of life is one of the most effective tools available for measurement of individual life balance and satisfaction. It has been developed and used to great effect by coaches and clients alike as a touchstone that can illuminate aspects of life that are thriving and identify areas that may need a fresh way of thinking to improve them.

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financial wheel of life

Financial wheel of life

Building on our Personal Wheel of Life we have developed a unique Financial self assessment wheel aimed at helping you identify areas at which you are at financial risk in your life, and how to work towards achieving an environment of personal and family financial freedom.

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How to safely quit the day job

Published by Blackhall Publishing, Ireland | The technical section is Ireland specific, and is to a degree out of date due to legislative changes, but the other sections are highly relevant to anyone seeking to develop a working lifestyle that is more driven by their own internal values and less about making money for somebody … Continued


Siân and Ian have been invited by a number of publications to submit articles relevant to individual & team coaching and other relevant issues. Some of these are reproduced below. .

Real Time Shift™ – the theory

The genesis of Real Time Shift lies in the question What would the single most relevant transformational change in your organisation look like? and in so doing it immediately identifies itself as being a completely outcome focused approach. But achieving any such outcome requires the delivery of a robust process, one rooted in tried and tested methodology and … Continued