Siân and Ian have been invited by a number of publications to submit articles in which they discuss their work.  We are able, by permission, to reproduce a number of them below. We believe that they deliver a strong understanding of both what we do and how we go about doing it.

Stuck in the middle with you

Leaders, says David Kolzow in his book ‘Leading from Within’, are just ordinary people with extraordinary determination. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Meanwhile, the UK’s National Health Service recently proposed a new model for leadership in the public sector. Leadership, it says, can be seen as a process which involves finding temporary resolutions between opposing … Continued

Coaching a team to success

This year”, say Deloitte in their Global Human Capital Trends 2017 report, we see a shift from building organisational structures to building organisational ecosystems and networks (moving) towards agile, team centered models (and identifying) collaboration, agility and customer-centric models as the critical characteristics that will enable future organisational success”. It Is “the organisation of the … Continued

Think again….

‘Just before the holiday season, we received a note from one of our clients – a newly-appointed Director working in one of the large London NHS Trusts. His greeting was simple: “Best wishes for the festive period and thank you for making me see myself in a different light”’…full article  here

Passing the business baton

‘One of the strangest sights at this year’s Rio Olympics occurred …when the defending champions in the women’s 4×100 metre relay team ran a qualifying round all by itself’… Read the full article here ..  passing-the-business-baton

Take time to think.

“I’ve never really thought about being overly targeted when deciding where the bulk of my management energy ought to be invested. But when I begin to really reflect more deeply on what I’m doing with my time and energy,I can see that I need to bring a lot more focus to bear on four hugely … Continued

An honest opinion.

“So when you look at this analysis of your individual inputs into the meeting that’s just finished,what is it saying to you? What do you feel it is highlighting about your team processes? What is it saying about your team relationships?” Sian is on a roll here and the feedback session is beginning to get … Continued

A meeting of minds.

The average professional will spend somewhere in the region of 90,000 hours at work in his or her lifetime. Spending some time cultivating a respectful and productive working environment is therefore an undoubtedly wise investment… Download the full pdf here