To what degree is your organisation unleashing its potential ?

“In an ordinary organisation most people are doing a second job no one is paying them for. In businesses large and small; in government agencies, schools and hospitals; in for-profits and non profits and in any country in the world, most people are spending time and energy covering up their weaknesses, managing other people’s impressions of them, showing themselves to their best advantage, playing politics, hiding their inadequacies, hiding their uncertainties, hiding their limitations. Hiding.”

So reads the opening paragraph of ‘An Everyone Culture’ the new Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey excellent book on reshaping organisational culture. It’s highly readable, well peppered with relevant stories, and definitely takes a pop at a few sacred cows prevalent in some sectors within today’s workplace.

One example of the latter appears in the results of their longitudinal study into the development of mental complexity with increasing age.  Many readers of a certain age whose evolved levels of mental complexity may prevent them from fist pumping an exuberant ‘I told you so’ might sagely nod their head at that one!

It’s definitely worth £20 of anyone’s money – particularly anyone who has a leadership role within a busy organisation.

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