Through our work we empower teams, and the people in them, to create new levels of effectiveness - in Real Time.


“I’m passionate about working with teams and helping them discover together how to reach their collective potential. I love being a team coach. It energises me!”

Siân Lumsden


“I deeply believe in coaching and its power to create lasting organisational impact. Whether I’m coaching executives or helping to develop other coaches I find the work inspiring”

Ian Mitchell

Real Time Shift

Our initial client conversations begin with a discussion around where the organisation or team might need to experience ‘shift’ to better achieve its purpose. When we’re clear on that we set some project milestones around the transformations that can begin to take place in real time – while the project is still live. Thus we can be responsive to any emerging requirements to ‘tweak’ the programme as it’s being delivered. You can read some client stories here



Real Time Programmes


Our programmes deliver noticeable transformation that begins to happen during the process; that’s how we know our work is working!  And that’s why we sometimes call the outcomes ‘Achieving Real Time Shift’. Read some client stories here


Real Time Events

Our Events page offers information on upcoming programmes we’re we’re running. For more details on any of these please contact jane@eighty20focus.com and she’ll point you in the direction of which of us is best suited to discuss your requirements.