More and more we are understanding that, as a a partnership, our purpose is to provide contexts in which people can develop and grow.


“I’m passionate about working with teams and helping them discover together how to reach their collective potential. I love being a team coach. It energises me!”

Siân Lumsden


“I deeply believe in coaching and its power to create lasting organisational impact. Whether I’m coaching executives or helping to develop other coaches I find the work inspiring”

Ian Mitchell

Real Time Shift

Our initial client conversations begin with a discussion around where an organisation, individual or team might need to experience ‘shift’ to better achieve its purpose.  When we’re clear on that we can work with our clients to identify the interventions that  will enable this to happen in real time – while the project is still live. Thus we can be responsive to any emerging requirements to ‘tweak’ the programme as it’s being delivered. You can read some client stories here



Real Time Programmes


Our work delivers noticeable transformation that begins to happen during the working process itself; that’s how we know that what we do is working!  And that’s why we sometimes call the outcomes ‘Achieving Real Time Shift’. Read some client stories here


Real Time Events

Our Events page offers information on upcoming programmes we’re we’re running. For more details on any of these please contact either of our Partners who will be happy to discuss your situation in depth



NB From April 2020, in response to the unprecedented working environment created by the global COVID-19 pandemic we will be offering a range of online individual and group developmental events which will be offered free of charge to both clients and their invited guests.  Details of these will appear in each Partner’s LinkedIn and Twitter feed.    However if you would like to receive details by email, please contact either of us.