Through our work we empower teams, and the people in them, to create new levels of effectiveness - in Real Time


“Being an effective team requires each individual member to understand how they connect – both to one another as members, and to those within the wider system that makes up their organisational stakeholder network.  Part of our work is to help them to make sense of all that and thus to locate themselves more effectively within the system in which they work.

I created our Connectivity model and programmes as a way of helping our clients more easily understand what makes themselves and their colleagues tick.”

Siân Lumsden


“I came across several fascinating papers on Reinforcement Learning, an approach in which the learner is not taught which actions to take, but instead must discover for her or himself which activities will yield the maximum reward. This discipline has been used in several exciting Machine Learning initiatives, producing quite startling results, and seems to me to be relevant to leaders and teams seeking to achieve significant performance levels in the VUCA environment in which we all now work.

I developed our Team Effectiveness diagnostic and team coaching models with this approach to learning in mind.”

Ian Mitchell

Real Time Shift

A conversation about Real Time Shift begins by addressing the issue of what the single most relevant transformational change in your organisation might look like if it were to take place. Then through a blend of coaching, consulting and tailored training

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Real Time Programmes


Real time coaching creates the opportunity to observe and respond in an engaged and genuine work environment. Our on-site approach allows the experience and intuition of our coaches to be directly related to specific organisational issues, when and where input

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Real Time Events

Programmes, workshops and events hosted by Eighty20 Focus including Organisational Coaching & Mentoring Awards and and Open Supervision Group

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