Programmes, workshops and events hosted by Eighty20 Focus this year include:

Real Time Event

ILM Level 7 Cert and Diploma for Executive & Senior Level Coaches and Mentors

This Masters Level ILM programme is suitable for:

  • Practicing Executive Coaches seeking to increase their understanding of systemic and organisational practice.
  • Executives, Senior Managers, and HR/OD Professionals with coaching experience wishing to deepen their expertise and credibility, or who want to establish deeper coaching culture within their organisation

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NB UK Level 7 qualifications are equivalent to Irish Level 9.



Dates:   Commences 27th-29th November 2019 )Birmingham) and 2nd-4th December 2019 (Belfast)

Cost:   £2,750 ex VAT (Organisations) £2,300 ex VAT (Self employed coaches)

Venue:   Birmingham & Belfast

Duration:   6 month programme.

Eligibility:   Trained to Level 5 or possessing equivalent experience.