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Real Time Event

Level7 (9 in Ireland) Cert/Dip in Executive and Senior Level Coaching & Mentoring

A virtual, inquiry based, collaborative exploration which we believe to be one of the first ILM offerings at this level to focus deeply on coaching in the context of increasing organisational complexity.

Our emphasis as a firm is on understanding transformational approaches to leadership meaning making amongst executive coaches. This approach, added to the inclusion as an integral programme element, participants’ own Harthill Consulting Leadership Development Profile and debrief, allows us, we believe, to offer a truly post-conventional Masters level programme which will equip coaches to work at a deeper and more meaningful manner with their clients.

The programme offers insight into a broad range of approaches to coaching and some of their underpinning psychological theory; all of which will combine to give you an exceptional personal and professional development experience over a twelvemonth timeframe.

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Starts:   20.11.2020

Price:   £2,450/€2,750 ex VAT

Where:   Zoom

Contact:   ian@eighty20focus.com

Real Time Event

The Self Authoring Coach

Four ninety-minute exploratory inquiries into developing a post-conventional coaching mindset. Our co-active group collaboration will deliver the following benefits to experienced executive and team coaches 

1. An introduction to the work of Kegan, Torbert, Rooke, Garvey-Berger and other adult development theorists

2. An appreciation of how self-authorship relates to ‘voice’ and ‘presence’ – both as people living life and as coaches working with clients in the room

3. A familiarisation with the three main domains of inquiry (I, We, It) and how these can be helpful within your own development and practice

4 An ability to work with clients at a deeper and more developmental level

This programme is recognised by the Association for Coaching as providing 6 hours of CPD learning.

Starts:   February 2021

Price:   £80/€90 ex VAT

Where:   Zoom

Contact:   ian@eighty20focus.com

Real Time Event

The Self Transforming Coach

The pilot of a Developmental Community for experienced coaches comprising 3 two-hour transformative inquiries around the implications for coaches of thinking from, amongst others, GWF Hegel, Martin Heidegger, Slavoj Žižek, Jacques Lacan, Wilfred Bion, David Rooke & William Torbert, and Jennifer Garvey-Berger. Inquiry areas are:

1. Being and Becoming l: Phenomenon & Appearance 

2. Being and Becoming ll: Inquiry & Experimentation

3. Being and Becoming lll: Drive & Desire

It’s our intention to limit participation in this pilot community to 6 coaches.

Starts:   18.11. 2020

Price:   £TBA

Where:   Zoom

Contact:   ian@eighty20focus.com