Siân and Ian have been invited by a number of publications to submit articles relevant to individual & team coaching and other relevant issues. Some of these are reproduced below. .

Ignite your fire

  In mid-September of this year, Hozier released an astonishingly insightful collection of songs in his EP, Nina Cried Power. The title track should be mandatory listening for all executive coaches everywhere. Actually, the first sentence ought to be enough. “It’s not the waking, it’s the rising.” That’s how the man phrases his extraordinary contribution to … Continued

Delivering a self-management culture

  Coaching entire organisations could bring the popular concept of self-directedness to life. There’s a bit of a shift going on in how some organisations want to work. We’re hearing the term ‘self-directed teams’ being bandied about frequently now. We’ve even heard about the existence of self-directed organisations. ‘Self-directedness’ has become a bit of a … Continued

The power of Reflection in the Workplace

  Six executive coaches walk into a bar where their main objective was to discuss the type of cultural environment that makes it easy for an organisation to benefit from highly effective teamwork amongst its people. For the sake of anonymity, we’re calling them C1 to C6. For the sake of transparency, we need to … Continued

Where’s the value in team coaching

  To find out the value of team coaching, we asked respondents to anonymously complete a questionnaire of 36 questions designed to help them identify the degree to which the team coaching intervention programme helped their team to improve its performance against eight important variables.. While accepting that all answers were subjective in nature, and … Continued

Reinforcement Learning for Teams

…Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity have become ubiquitous working companions. They are ever present members of every team in every organisation, presenting us all with challenges that even five years ago would not have seemed feasible. It is within that working environment that our teams have to begin to, as the psychologists put things, “construe, … Continued

Coaching the virtual team

Teamwork plays an increasingly vital role in organisational life….but how does a team based in five different locations and who predominantly use phone, tablet and screen to communicate develop what Prof. David Clutterbuck calls “situational team knowledge”, the almost intuitive interpretation of each other’s cues and intentions?   Read the rest of this article here     … Continued

Why Develop an Internal Coaching Culture?

  Culture, said management guru Peter Drucker, eats strategy for breakfast. However, according to author Jon Katzenbach, it is also possible for culture to become a secret weapon that makes extraordinary things happen. According to a 2014 International Coach Federation study, 65% of employees from companies with strong coaching cultures rated themselves as being highly … Continued

Stuck in the Middle with You

…Leaders, says David Kolzow in his book ‘Leading from Within’, are just ordinary people with extraordinary determination. Makes you think, doesn’t it?…. Read more here  

Building a thriving successful team

  …Some people double down on their existing perspectives and beliefs, trying to apply outdated solutions ever more frantically. Others make the leap to a new perspective that allows them to seek solutions that were previously unavailable…. Read more here                

Think again….

…Most people are doing a second job; spending time and energy covering up their weaknesses, managing other people’s impressions of them, showing themselves to their best advantage, hiding their inadequacies. Read more here

A good leader is a good coach

    …Achieving real alignment where strategy, goals, and meaningful purpose reinforce one another, gives an organisation a major advantage because it has a clearer sense of what to do at any given time, and it can trust people to move in the right direction…. Read more here                 … Continued

Passing the business baton…

…Many individuals find out that not paying enough attention to the personal detail around the succession process can really damage the legacy they want to leave within an organisation… Read more here  

Take time to think.

“I’ve never really thought about being overly targeted when deciding where the bulk of my management energy ought to be invested. But when I begin to really reflect more deeply on what I’m doing with my time and energy,I can see that I need to bring a lot more focus to bear on four hugely … Continued

An honest opinion.

“So when you look at this analysis of your individual inputs into the meeting that’s just finished,what is it saying to you? What do you feel it is highlighting about your team processes? What is it saying about your team relationships?” Sian is on a roll here and the feedback session is beginning to get … Continued

A meeting of minds.

The average professional will spend somewhere in the region of 90,000 hours at work in his or her lifetime. Spending some time cultivating a respectful and productive working environment is therefore an undoubtedly wise investment… Download the full pdf here