We’re very pleased to announce the dates for our next ILM Level 7 Certificate programme which is to be held in Belfast commencing 23rd January 2019.  This programme is focused specifically at those delivering Coaching & Mentoring interventions with an Organisational setting and has proved to be a real success with: Learning and development professionals wanting to increase their Organisational Coaching & Mentoring capability Senior Managers and … Continued

To what degree is your organisation unleashing its potential ?

“In an ordinary organisation most people are doing a second job no one is paying them for. In businesses large and small; in government agencies, schools and hospitals; in for-profits and non profits and in any country in the world, most people are spending time and energy covering up their weaknesses, managing other people’s impressions … Continued

Achieving Real Time Shift with NHS leaders

Siân and Ian have recently been spending a lot of time working with leaders in various Trusts across NHS England.  We’re finding it to be both challenging and deeply inspirational to work with people of such compassion, insight and vision.  But people who in many instances are also carrying intolerable levels of personal stress. The Deloitte Human … Continued

‘When key people get stuck’ – the movie

  We launched our animated introduction to executive coaching last year. We think it not only makes clear the expected outcomes from these sessions but will also bring a smile to your face! The Eighty20 Focus team provides Business Executive & Team coaching for the public, private and third sectors – for further information click here or contact us … Continued

Handling the stress of making a great first impression

Work is apparently the 5th most stressful experience in our lives. Starting a new job, accepting new sales targets or managing people for the first time isn’t all plain sailing. And making a truly great first impression can take a lot out of us. So whilst it’s encouraging to see that the job market is … Continued

57% of CEOs open to receiving external executive coaching

According to the Harvard Business Review, a survey carried out by Stanford University shows 57% of CEOs are open to signing up for externally based executive coaching, whilst almost 80% of those that actually do sign up do so at their own initiative. It’s a report that’s definitely worth reading and you can do so … Continued

Financial coaching’s potential for enhancing performance levels at work and beyond.

How many people do you know who have often tried to change their financial behaviour, only to fail to follow through on their intentions. And, particularly in the light of the current economic austerity, this lack of follow through frequently leads to significantly raised stress levels – which often manifest themselves in impaired performance at work, … Continued

Preparing yourself for retirement

Recently my friend George Kinder posted a very interesting article on preparation for retirement.  You can find it here One thing I found interesting is that a senior banker was ‘considering’ retirement at age 70.  That is something we in Ireland and UK will, I think, begin to see as normal in the coming days. What really caught my … Continued