We’ve tried to locate ourselves physically in spaces that facilitate not just our work, but also reflect various aspects of our history and our personalities. Here’s a little bit about those spaces.



Our UK headquarters sits in our bespoke offices in the heart of Birmingham’s fashionable and rather funky Jewellery District, and is only 5 minutes’ walk away from Jules Holland’s old stomping ground, The Jam House, which still operates as a great venue and where we like to go on the occasional evening to unwind.

From here we offer our Real Time Programmes across all of the business sectors in which we work.

It is also the venue for the UK cohorts of our ILM Level 7 programme in Executive Coaching & Mentoring in Organisations. You can find out more about what’s going on by reading our Events page.

This hub is well supported by a team of coaches and trainers widely dispersed across UK.

The Folium, 5-8 Caroline Street, Birmingham B3 1TW
Tel: +44 7976 564369



We love our Board Room in Dublin’s iconic Merrion Square, which is where we have based our all island hub and which has real nostalgic value for Ian as it is next door to the office that he opened up when he first went to work in Dublin 16 years ago.

This is the venue for the Irish cohorts of our ILM Level 7 programme in Executive Coaching & Mentoring in Organisations, as well as for a number of sector-specific Real Time Programmes and our Coach Supervision Groups, all of which you can read about on our Events page.

Again, this hub is well supported by our all island team of coaches and trainers.

12, Merrion Square, Dublin
Tel: +353 (1) 631 6042



Our registered office is in Belfast, and from here we carry out our administrative and accounting functions. Thankfully we have some really good parks and walkways close by where we can take ourselves when the spreadsheet stuff all gets a bit intense!

48 Brooke Hall Heights Belfast BT8 6WN
Tel: +44 7584 308020




For further information about what is going on in any of our locations, please contact info@eighty20focus.com