Client Stories

Our clients are drawn from Public, Private and Third Sector organisations and working with them has afforded us the privilege of participating in a large number of very interesting co-creative projects. We’ve mentioned some of them below.


Developing leaders in Health

Client:  Community Health & Care NHS Trust, SE England. 

Project: Work with up to 100 operational leaders to help them prepare for the emerging challenges created by UK’s evolving healthcare needs. 

What happened:: Working with cohorts of 10-12 leaders across an eight day programme we co-created with participants an experiential learning environment in which they have both discovered and mastered the use of new leadership tools and practices, whilst building together collaborative approaches to solving each others’ greatest current leadership challenge. 

They said: “I have described to colleagues that the programme lead me to a cliff edge and really allowed me to see things that I hadn’t seen before, and then encouraged me to look a little further – all the while feeling safe, and then the programme brought you back with new insights and thinking about yourself.

The programme really emphasised to me, the role I have for myself in being a more effective leader – not relying on training or others, but things that are in my sphere of control” 
HR Business Partner


Creating thinking space in Analytics

Client: ‘Big 4’ Firm, London

Project: Coach a Director through the preparation and delivery of his business case for promotion to Equity Partner

What happened:: We carried out one two-hour individual coaching session every three weeks over a twelve month period, utilising various coaching tools and ideas and creating space for the Director to explore and appraise various strategic approaches and ideas that were in his mind, resulting in the emergence of a clear pathway forward towards his creating the business case 

They said: “I’m excited about putting my business case forward now. Before going through this experience I was unclear about my route, unhappy with various areas of my performance and in danger of being unable to take my people with me as I tried to develop new ideas and establish new practices

Through the coaching sessions I believe that I have become a more effective leader and have greatly improved my ability to inspire strong followers.  I’m much more confident now that my business case holds water”
Director, Banking Analytics


Building coaching culture in Construction

Client: Project management company, Midlands UK

Project: Train, supervise and further develop leader-coaches to shape internal company culture

What happened:: A number of key leaders achieved our ILM Level 7 (Level 9, Ireland) Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, and were supervised through a set number of hours of coaching others within the company before passing a final written assessment.  They are now supported in their coaching through ongoing supervision, personal coaching and opportunities to participate in internal team coaching sessions led by our Partners. 

They said: “The project was quite exciting because the way it evolved felt very inclusive. 

Some quite challenging conversations had to take place which, at times, was stretching for us, but Eighty20 Focus suggested different options for how we could handle those ensuring that all of us felt comfortable. Our managers now feel empowered to lead the business in a new and exciting manner.”
Managing Director


Coaching teams in Financial Services

Client: Mid sized pensions advisory firm, Dublin. Ireland 

Project: Coach Top Team towards achieving greater levels of effectiveness whilst building more collaborative relationships together and with their people. 

What happened:: We ran a series of four half-day team coaching sessions starting from an exploration of the results of two diagnostics – the PROPHET team profile and our own Team Effectiveness 360° tool. This was supplemented by a number of one to one coaching sessions and one CEO/CFO ‘pivotal relationship’ coaching session. Our focus was on helping  team members gain an appreciation of their individual colleagues’ motivations, decision making styles and leadership focus, whilst also developing a clear understanding of how the team as a whole could reach and maintain its maximum level of overall effectiveness. 

They said: “I was quite surprised by some of the unusual tools and approaches that were suggested, but in the sessions they were all incredibly helpful to us as a team. A  process of systemic mapping helped us understand our current structure, information flow and how we communicate, in ways that up to this point we hadn’t..

Meanwhile the ‘Locating ourselves’ exercise created more mutual understanding amongst us  than anything we had ever done before”


Sharpening client focus with Coaches

Client: External and internal coaches working in Ireland and UK

Project: Help coaches to evolve as people and develop their practice towards delivering greater benefits to their clients. 

What happened:: We host a ‘monthly Zoom based Coach Development and Supervision Group which at which we reflect together around the work we do as coaches and seek to create collaborative interventions that deliver deeper insight into each other’s work.  This is supplemented where necessary with occasional individual supervision sessions in which matters of a more sensitive nature can be explored in a confidential and supportive environment. . 

They said: “I found my supervision with you really useful  – although it seemed to go broader than coaching (which is partly what made it so useful).’